timbers & finishes 




Our most popular timber choice, American Oak's colourings range from blonde to mid-brown with a fine grain that is strong and visible. 

victorian ash

Known for its consistent grain that runs straight and tight, Victorian Ash colourings range from medium brown to a light yellow, sometimes with a pinkish hue. 

Hard maple

A strong and dense timber with a close fine grain, Hard Maple features deliciously creamy colourings with an occasional fleck of brown.
(Also known as Rock Maple)

american walnut

A favourite amongst craftsmen, American Walnut has a rich chocolate brown colouring that sometimes throws a streak of deep purplish brown. The grain is generally straight, occasionally displaying a curly or wavy pattern.


Timber Finishes 

We use Osmo Polyx®-Oil for all of our finishes. Osmo is based on natural vegetable oils and waxes and is extremely tough and hard wearing. The waxes form an elastic, microprorous surface which penetrate and protect the wood from deep within. This results in the grain and texture of the wood being beautifully accentuated.

We recommend and use as standard the following Osmo finishes for each timber species:

American Oak: Osmo Raw
Victorian Ash: Osmo Raw
Hard Maple: Osmo Clear Satin-Matt  
American Walnut: Osmo Clear Satin-Matt  



Reducing our environmental footprint isn't something we take lightly. That's why we're constantly striving to make our products sustainable throughout their entire lifecycle. Our timbers are all sourced from sustainably certified suppliers and go on to be handcrafted locally in our Marrickville solar-powered workshop. You can read more on our environmental efforts here.    

Steel Finishes 

We offer satin black and white as standard for our powdercoat finishes. You can also customise your steel colour on request, just visit the Dulux powdercoat range here and let us know what tickles your fancy.  


Satin Black

Satin White