Reso & Co. is a custom furniture design, fabrication and for hire studio based in Sydney, NSW


our mantra


Local, honest, handmade design


We believe there's more to furniture than good looks. That's why our pieces are designed and crafted to be around for a long time, not just a good time. To be able to tell a story of their very own. 



Our warehouse in Marrickville houses a team of craftsman with some pretty hard-won skills across timber, metal and stone. So, if you've got a killer idea (or even just a thought), we've got the experience to bring it to life.    


our story

They say nothing good happens after 2 A.M. Well, like all good stories, that's just where ours begins.


It all started as a creative outlet in the humble garage of Fabian parent’s place. Practiced at all hours of the night, it didn’t take long for his handcrafted pieces to get noticed and before he knew it, what began as a passion project had soon turned into a full-time gig.

Manning the workshop guns is Fabian. A creative all-rounder, with a serious obsession for tools and building the things others won't (or can't) touch. He also just so happens to have a Bachelor of Renewable Energy Engineering under his belt. Add to the mix his skills gained across construction sites and specialised tradesman over the years and you can bet he will build just about anything. 

In charge of getting sh*t done is Tenille. A multi-tasking maestro, she oversees the creative process and runs the 'business' side of things. In her former life working for a global PR agency, she always had an itch to one day sink her teeth into her own brand. And so, in 2014 (after realising her partner may be onto something) teamed up with him to begin telling the story about a brand that represents what they care about;


clever design, locally made with an environmental conscience.